Gift with Purchase

A complementary 2020 calendar for all purchases above 50 euros

Given the Indian heritage of our brand, this calendar
celebrates the natural areas of India from the oceans, through the
forests and deserts. We hope this brings you a little bit closer to
where we come from! 




Ayurveda is our muse. It is one of the oldest health systems in the world for harmonising mind-body-soul
or the science of life (in sanskrit, ayur means life + veda means knowledge/science).

Nalen Ayurveda products are based on the belief that natural ingredients have powerful benefits that can ultimately bring your skin to its own perfect balance.

Finding the best version of ayurvedic ingredients is our mission. We focus on fewer, high quality products and easy daily routines.


At Nalen Ayurveda, every decision we make and everything we do we ask ourselves whether this is the best decision for both people and planet. From the creation of products until they arrive at your doorstep, we try to do everything better.


90% of the packaging for our bottles + jars are made from recycled materials with almost no plastic


Our ingredients are organic and farmed using processes causing least harm to the environment


We want to reuse and recycle our packaging and have a take-back scheme in place for bottles + jars

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