Nalen Ayurveda

Everyday life got complicated, so we at Nalen Ayurveda strive for simplicity. We made a conscious decision to go back to the basics with our products: natural, non-toxic ingredients that are integral to Ayurveda (based on over five thousand years of science that we really believe in). 
We want you to be able to focus on the most important things in your life and trust us to give you the most natural, simple and effective skincare products. Our promise is that we will always be honestand transparent.

Our name Nalen (नलिन) means lotus in sanskrit. The lotus flower has strong symbolism of purity inIndian culture and its flower blooms even in muddy and dirty water. Nalen Ayurveda products protect and nourish your skin to ensure it’s always cherished no matter what the external environment, just like the lotus flower.


The colours on our products and packaging are based on the five elements of nature in Ayurveda. Space (akasha), Air (vayu), Fire (tejas), Water (jala), and Earth (prithvi).



Valentina Santamaria and Namrata Sandhu are the founders of Nalen Ayurveda. They previously lived in London where they met and formed Nalen Ayurveda out of a mutual passion for helping people live a healthy, balanced and happy life.

Valentina grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and has previously lived in the U.K. and currently lives in Barcelona. 

She is a practicing Cardiac Physiologist. She is extremely interested in the cross-section of healthy living in disease prevention.

As a specialist in cardiovascular imaging and rehabilitation, she wanted to complement western medicine with holistic treatments and found a love for Ayurvedic healing and skincare.

She brings her extensive knowledge in medicine and disease prevention.

Namrata is from India and has spent time living in the United States, London, Madrid and currently lives in Berlin.

Growing up in India, Ayurveda was an integral part of her life from skin care to diet and lifestyle.

She has spent her career working in sustainability and wanted to find a way to connect her roots from India and her knowledge of building better businesses.

She brings 17 years of experience working in sustainability helping brands and companies build more ethical and sustainable businesses.


We wanted the colours and products to bring you the feeling of balance, harmony and tranquillity, the way we want you to feel, every day and every single time you pick up a Nalen Ayurveda product.