Nourishing Elixir


Wild Himalayan Apricot oil 

Tejasvi is vibrant in Sanskrit. Apricot Kernel Oil is known as ‘gutti ka tel’ in India and ours is made in a traditional ‘ghani’ or wooden basin by an indigenous women’s community in the himalayas. 

60 ml / 2 fl. Oz

100% Organic Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil

Apply a few drops on a clean face and neck.
Massage using a circular upward motion,
or apply all over the body as desired.
For healthier hair and scalp, apply 5-6 drops
ten to fifteen minutes before showering from
roots to ends with your hands. To use as a
leave-in treatment, work a few drops into
dry or damp hair to smooth frizz and increase shine.

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